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Memkey , codificador programable de teclados


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The MEMKey is a fully programmable keypad encoder. Using a jumper, the MEMKey supports either a simple serial communication protocol or the standardPC/AT communication protocol. In either
communication mode, it can decode key matrixes of up to 4 columns by 5 rows. The rows and columns can be programmed to match the row-column configuration of any off the shelf keypad.
The value returned by the MEMKey can be programmed to any standard value. In addition, the debounce time and typematic rate are fullyprogrammable. All programmable values are stored in non-volatile memory so they are saved when power is off.
When operating with the serial protocol, the MEMKey communicates at 2400 baud, 8N1, LSB first, asynchronous. This can be either a 1 wire or a 2 wire nterface.
In addition, there are 64 bytes of EEPROM memory which is made available to the user as scratch pad space.



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